Elect Neil Henrichsen to Florida House District 27

An experienced advocate for you and our community!

News about Neil's Campaign

Neil is endorsed by The Honorable Joyce Cusack

The Honorable Joyce Cusack, At-Large Volusia County Councilmember, former distinguished member of the Florida House of Representatives and Democratic National Committee member, announced her endorsement of Neil Henrichsen for her former seat in the Florida House of Representatives, District 27. “Democrats need a strong advocate in Tallahassee with the depth of experience Neil brings and his commitment to the issues important to Florida’s working families,” Councilwoman Cusack said. “I know that the citizens of District 27 and Florida will be well served by having Neil, a lawyer who has been committed to protecting civil rights and the rights of workers, in the State House.”

Neil is endorsed by the Democratic Progressive Caucus of FL

The DPCF endorsement affirms a candidate's support for progressive policy positions on a wide range of topics, including world-class public education, gun safety, environmental protection, healthcare as a human right, and much more.  The caucus is committed to implementing progressive policies at all levels of government as a way to enhance Floridians' quality of life.  

Neil is endorsed by the Florida Young Democrats

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The Platform

Serving The Community

Neil has been a tireless advocate for working people and families as a lawyer as well as through involvement with the Volusia County Democratic Party and Florida Democratic Party. As a concerned father, husband, and community-spirited activist, Neil will roll up his sleeves to get the job done for the people.   

United By A Common Goal

Neil will bring a strong voice to Tallahassee advocating for a progressive agenda to make the lives of working people and families in Volusia County better.  We will all be better off when people who work earn enough to support a family, when everyone has an opportunity for a quality public education, and when our environment is safe and clean.

Get Involved

Neil can't win this race without your help. Volunteering, spreading the word through word-of-mouth and social media, and donating, are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.