Rights for Workers

Neil believes in rights for all in the workplace, including a living wage so that working families do not need to work at multiple jobs. Additionally, Neil wants to enact a Florida Wage Protection Act to prevent wage theft.  Union rights and protections for workers are essential and Neil supports union organizing and protections in both public and private workplaces.


Quality of life depends on our health.  Neil believes healthcare is our right, not a luxury. Healthcare costs can destroy the economic well-being of Florida families. We need to implement solutions to make sure healthcare is available for all and that illness does not result in economic harm to Florida's families.


Neil regards quality public education as essential for democracy.  Floridians deserve the opportunity to prosper and a free quality education is critical for the skills that will bring success to all.


Neil feels we are blessed to live in a wonderful climate and environment as Floridians, but we need to safeguard our natural resources and surroundings.

Union Protections for Floridians

Neil believes that the Florida Legislature’s role should be to establish state policy that insures that

  • public sector workers are paid competitive salaries and have secure retirements
  • workers have safe and respectful working environments
  • workers are treated equally and fairly regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or national origin
  • the public sector attracts and retains skilled and dedicated employees who are critical to the success of our State
  • unions that represent public employees are supported rather than engaging in attempts to try to weaken them.  

Jobs and Economic Development

Neil sees economic development needs as:  

  • Investing in education. Promote early learning, smaller class sizes, and improved teacher quality to improve productivity and build a stronger workforce by expanding access to higher education and job training. 
  • Investing in infrastructure projects to create jobs.  Building and repairing roads, bridges, public transit, school buildings, and other physical assets creates jobs and makes the state attractive to relocating businesses. 
  • Boost household incomes by increasing the minimum wage and making taxes more progressive.
  • Safety in our communities. We need to make sure everyone is safe in our communities throughout Florida. A safe and secure living environment is essential for economic growth and quality of life.